PrimaLux FlexFrame Mattress System
The FlexFrame system provides a swift setup and stowage solution for non-berthable seats on private aircraft, catering to all models.

Simplified Setup + Stow

Discover the Ease of the FlexFrame Mattress System

The FlexFrame Mattress System offers the easiest and quickest setup and stowage, whether guests are preparing for sleep or waking up after a restful night. Designed with flight crew in mind, this system ensures efficiency and ease of use. With two separate bags—one for the mattress and one for the frame—setup and stowage are simplified. This thoughtful design allows for seamless transitions, enabling guests to enjoy a smooth and comfortable experience throughout their journey.

Up to 90 inches
Designing for Extended-Length Mattresses

Experience enhanced comfort with our option to design longer mattresses, catering to clients who require extra length for a restful night's sleep.

PrimaLux Plus Mattress System
Standard vs wide mattress

Customize Your Mattress Your Way!

Experience the tailored comfort of the FlexFrame Mattress System, where you can customize your preferred density level and mattress width to perfection. Our dedicated team provides concierge measurement services to ensure the frame and mattress fit seamlessly into your space. We'll guide you through the selection process, offering expert advice to help you find the ideal balance of comfort and support. Additionally, we understand the importance of optimizing luggage space while traveling, and we're here to assist you in meeting your travel needs without sacrificing comfort.

FlexFrame Custom Mattress
FlexFrame Mattress + Bag
Seamless FlexFrame
Precise measurements are taken to ensure a tailored fit.

Ensure passengers sleep in comfort.

The PrimaLux FlexFrame Mattress System features only the highest-quality, consciously-sourced materials and is engineered to deliver the optimal blend of comfort and support.

Custom Designed Frame
Ensuring the FlexFrame fits perfectly between two club seats, providing optimized sleep solution for private aircraft.
FlexFrame Materials
The frame is constructed with specialized carbon fiber materials, offering a combination of strength, durability, and lightweight portability.
PrimaLux FlexFrame Mattress
Our custom mattress provides a luxurious sleep surface composed of layered memory foam and available in two comfort levels, allowing passengers to choose their desired firmness for a personal sleep experience.
Set-up with ease
Setting up the FlexFrame from a standing position takes just seconds, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users.
Optimal Support Frame
The FlexFrame is exceptionally sturdy, featuring non-slip feet that keeps it securely in place.
best sleep system guarantee in private aviation
Lifetime Warranty

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