Embracing Eco-Consciousness
Our Sustainable Journey Towards a Greener Future

American Artistic Craftsmanship + Sustainability Partners

Approximately 80% of our products are made in America from quality domestic and imported materials. Primadonna collaborates with vendors who share their deep commitment to social responsibility, aligning seamlessly with their values of integrity and high ethical standards. Through a meticulous vendor selection process, they prioritize partners who demonstrate a shared dedication to fair labor practices, environmental sustainability, and responsible sourcing. This close partnership fosters transparent communication and mutual accountability, driving continuous improvement in social and environmental performance while ensuring that the entire supply chain reflects Primadonna's unwavering commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion practices.


Primadonna Linens

Our luxury bed linens are sourced from vendors with a comprehensive range of certifications and standards, including STANDARD 100 BY OEKO-TEX, GOTS Certified, IFOAM Family of Standards, Slow Fiber, and Masters of Linen Certification. These certifications collectively ensure that our linens are not only of the highest quality but also adhere to stringent environmental and ethical criteria, reflecting our commitment to sustainable and responsible sourcing in the textile industry.

Dedicated to comfort, safety + sustainability

PrimaLux Mattress, FlexFrame + Bags

The PrimaLux Mattress is meticulously crafted with a commitment to quality and safety. Its core features CertiPUR-US certified foam, ensuring that it is free from harmful chemicals and emissions, promoting healthy indoor air quality. The mattress cover is adorned with the prestigious Greenguard Gold certification, assuring that it upholds strict indoor air quality standards. Additionally, all textile components, including the cover, meet the rigorous Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, confirming their absence of harmful substances. In conclusion, the flexframe is constructed with lightweight and robust carbon fiber, promising both durability and a sleek, modern design. This combination of certifications and materials underscores the dedication to comfort, safety, and sustainability.